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*HUGE Disclaimer.  Because my website is being handed out a lot now, I want people to know this section is very much OVER 18.  I say whatever I want, and it's a journal.  They are mostly essays I write about my experiences with certain events/things/yada, and not all these views are shared by others and well...I tend to let my virginal mouth go (all the people who know me can stop laughing now...).  But this section is very much an 18 years and up section...did I say that already?

For those of you that don't know...a Live Journal is a kind of on-line journal.  I don't get as in-depth with this as my real journal...but it's a way to share my thoughts and experiences with everyone...

Flash Back 1994..Senior Prom...Rose and I go Stag...'s a very Brady Circle K..

Funny things people have said

Red or White with your Chalupa, honey? 2/28/03

Music 3/1/03

War 'N Stuff

You are not cool...actually you are kinda gross (3/10/03)

Why Figueroas shouldn't travel (5/13/03)

Stupid things Jessica thinks about when she cannot sleep -not being posted for a while cause Kevin deleted it...grr...argh...

What NOT to watch (2/3/04)  

Double Entry!: Britney was laughing her ass off on SuperBowl Sunday (2/3/04)  

Jessica's University Health Center experience... (2/5/04) New 8/17/05

Coming soon! The end of an era, Red Magic and what she meant to me.

Coming soon! Come here, let me bitch slap you...

Alex turns 13 9/10/04

Surmanland! The TV show! (9/13/04)

Christmas 2004