Britney was laughing her ass off on Superbowl Sunday

Wow, you get a double entry today.  You must be special...No, actually, I left my notes for the other essay at home and I'm in HIST 210 which is a regurgitation of HIST 219, but hey it counts towards credits.

Anyway, so...who saw Janet's boob on Sunday?  I didn't.  I totally missed it.  I'm pissed too (not because I like girls boobs, but because I hate to miss the new, now and wow thing).  So I missed Janet's boobage.  I think I missed it because I was busy thinking "Justin Timberlake is the 'surprise' guest?  How lame."  Personally, having Justin Timberlake sing with Janet Jackson is such a blow to Michael Jackson.  Why?  Because...the 'new' king of pop singing with the 'old' king of pop's sister?  Come on.  And he doesn't nearly kick ass in a duet with Janet like Michael does (Scream still is one of the best duets with them).

Why am I all about the Michael?  Look he may be a weird ass, wanna a white guy, who may be molesting boys (sorry I think it's greedy people after his money, but whatever) but he is the king of pop.  And until Justin Timberlake has four more albums besides "Justified" (how...original) and they all go platinum, then he can call himself the king of pop. *note: these are low requirements considering MJ was a child star in America while JT was a mousekateer on a cable version of the Mickey Mouse Club and was a European star for the first three years of N*Sync's career...and Europeans love EVERYTHING.

So besides pissing off JC Chavez for causing JC to lose his spot at the Pro Bowl, he's pissing off Janet by making her take the heat for the incident.  Oh here you all go..."It was Janet's idea".  Whatever, Justin went along with it.  Then he  hides for three days while Janet throws herself on upon the sword to apologize.  I'm sure JC and Cameron Diaz are telling Justin constantly what an ass he is.  meanwhile, Britney's in a room somewhere laughing her ass off because Justin did something stupid for a change.

But let's ask ourselves this we really care?  Does a little boobage seriously bother us?  Especially when half of us missed it?  In a day in age when violence, nudity is everywhere, does a 2 second boob shot matter?  After the Super Bowl, I watched the new Survivor All Stars.  Through almost half the show, Richard Hatch was naked.  Of course the censors covered him...but still you know there was a big, fat naked man on the screen.  Lemme ask you this...which is scarier or actually which cause 'most mental anguish?'  I thought so...