I'm gonna talk about music today.  Why?  Because I want to.  Growing up, some of my favorite entertainers were Blondie, Pat Benetar, Billy Joel, David Bowie, and Alvin & The Chipmunks (had to throw that in there).  All through school, kids thought I was weird because I also liked Bonnie Raitt, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and others.  Of course I was assimilated to groups like NKOTB, STP, and others.  After high school, I maintained my 'odd ball out' music interests.

    Today, I still worship the ground Debbie Harry walks on (all women in all genres of music should because without her, doors would still be closed (even in the rap world)).  My main likings lean towards alternative music or adult alternative music.  My favorite band is Better Than Ezra.  Just when you think everything they do sounds the same, the come out with an album like "How does Your Garden Grow" and opens your eyes to a new twist of their sound.  Then just when I miss their - out of nowhere lyrics, they come up with a single like 'Extraordinary'.  This band is just awesome in my book.  It's hard for me not to like anything they do.  I remember my Uncle Woody frantically looking for their first CD Deluxe for Christmas in 1994.  He ended up getting me a gift certificate because he couldn't find it.  I did and since then, I have collected all of their stuff, but their latest CD.

    On a more subdued, contemporary (more for everyone) side, I have found Dana Mase.  I actually came across her on one of those "Get stuff for free" websites.  She was promoting her latest single "Lost in the Snow".  I got the single and just fell in love.  She's got a folk ring to her.  She does mostly slow songs about love and longing, but one song "Stronger Than", shows her upbeat side.  It compares her lover's hold to the PLO, Mr. Gates, and Pepsi cola.  It's very cute.  Other good songs by her are "Sitting with an Angel" (featured on Dawson's Creek), "Nobody", "Walking in the Jungle", and "Follow Me" (about sisters, very touching).  All Dana's stuff can be found on MP3.com

    Another artist that I found on MP3.com is Cindy Alexander.  Alot like Dana Mase, the singles that I have found from Cindy are more popish.  Cindy Alexander is based in LA (where she is prolly big there).  A great, great, great song by her is '818'.  It's about a girl reflecting on a relationship with a guy she has that only calls her once in a while to see if she's in love with him still.  Apparently he lives far away from her.  (Oh I so can relate to that...long, long time ago).  Another great song by her is 'Joei'.  It's about a hometown girl that makes it big.  One song by her that made the 'Sugar and Spice' soundtrack is "American Girl".  I haven't really heard this song yet.  

    If you are looking for something a little New Wave, 'Til Tuesday, 80's like, definitely alternative, check out Margot Smith.  Her lyrics are more cutting, in your face, screw you, and screw love.  Kinda twisted at times.  My favorite is 'Adored'.

    Another band you should check out is Sacred Raisin Cakes.  Their song "Waterspots" is definitely catchy.

    Finally, if you like the songs you hear on the soaps, like All My Children, check out Kati Mac.  She writes and sings these songs.  I have her whole '18 Again' album and it's definitely good background music.  I like it.

    Below are links to all the artists I just wrote about.  Check them out and download free music.  Check out MP3.com's regular top 40 lists.  They sometimes feature unknown bands.  Who knows, you may find a new, favorite artist on there you never knew existed.  I love music...it rules.


Better Than Ezra Homepage


Dana Mase on MP3.com


Cindy Alexander on MP3.com

http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/15/cindy_alexander.html (totally forgot to mention, but her song idiot child is great too!!)

Margot Smith on MP3.com


Sacred Raison Cakes on MP3.com


Kati Mac on MP3.com


Jim Boggia on MP3.com

http://artists.mp3s.com/artists/233/jim_boggia.html (I didn't critique this artist, but check out his single "Several Thousand" - nice song)