I have approached the eye of the storm...my mid-term week... 


It all started last week when I managed to finally drag my uninspired arse to the Library of Congress (writer's note...evil, evil place that leads me on...), hoping to get a few hours of research in on my HIST 208 paper (evil, evil paper).  I only got through an hour and a half of research...why?  because the LOC likes to have me jump through hoops to get to their resources and their lockers are a beotch to lock. 

On Saturday, I had my Praxis exam (basic skills test for teachers).  I have a list of complaints for the Praxis board:

1) What the hell is an integer?

2) Why do you use fractions?

3) You don't give me enough time to do the writing portion...I can't read and check grammar on 45 questions in 30 minutes.  You are not fair...Not everyone speed reads...it's not an equal opportunity exam..

4) Why are people allowed to come to the exam in their pajamas?

No, I'm serious about this peeps!!  This is a new trend I'm seeing on campus and it's scary.  I noticed it last semester when I started at Maryland.  There was a girl in my GVPT 100 (government for you acronym challenged) that came to school in her pajamas.  I knew she was in her pajamas and not wearing skids pants (oh gawd...remember skids?) because she was wearing her fluffy slippers too.  Ok...maybe this girl thought she was sooo cool because she just rolled out of bed and put on her fluffy slippers and went to class...but she isn't cool.  She's skanky... I mean did she AT least brush her teeth?  How do I know?? She came to class in her pajamas...she could have just literally rolled out of bed, put the fluffies on and came to class...no tooth brushin' not even Listerine...ewww!!!  Skanerella!!  By coming to class in her PJ's she just screams "Hey! I didn't take a shower or clean up before class" (girl, at least just wash the koochie!!)  Seriously, this trend needs to stop...first off...fluffy slippers aren't in style in public...unless they are Garfield and they are especially not in style if they make noises like the slippers my Uncle Mike got my stepmother for X-mas one year that were elephants and they made elephant noises when she walked around (Ali is still giving you the maloinks for that one Uncle Mike).

I hope people realize that showing up in their monkey PJs (nothing against Monkey's B) is not really cool, it's a sign that they are hygenically impaired...and that fluffy slippers are not meant to be worn outside of their private space...to much sharing if you ask me...