What NOT to watch


A few weeks ago, I was watching The Learning Channel (TLC).  I like TLC.  I love some of their history shows, along with their mystery shows, and of course the emergency vet shows.  I'm all about it.  But I happened to stumble on this show that insulted me to the core.  No matter the outcome of this show, I felt it was handled so badly that it didn't matter.  The show is a glaring example of how some sick people in our society get off on watching TV that is based on insulting people.  And I hate it.  (I only watched the rest of the show in hopes that 1. Someone would snap and kill somebody or 2. research/ammunition for this entry). 

The show I'm about to rip to shreds is called "What not to wear".  It stars two mindless people who make a life on being ignorant.  Their names are Clinton (the flamer) and Stacey (the beotch who doesn't get any).  The show gives a 'lucky' participant $5000 to spend on a whole new wardrobe.  BUT they also get Clinton and Stacey as their own personal fashion consultants.  If these people were MY personal fashion consultants, I'd fucking shoot them.

In the first 15 minutes of the show, Clinton and Stacey review tapes of the participant they secretly recorded (so first they stalk this lucky person).  These fifteen minutes are awful.  In this particular case, they were following a housewife who was into wearing her husbands clothes.  The woman was pretty, but she did look very butch.  Clinton and stacey said all kinds of insulting things about this girl...like "OMG, that is just so bad, she looks like a balloon in that outfit!", "Oh look how frumpy she is!".  Yada, yada, you get the picture.  They are just mean and nasty.  Later, they talk down to the participant and make fun of her in front of her face.

So they kidnapped this girl and bring her to their studio.  They preceed to show her the videos they have of her and they tell her all the things they said before (nice, really nice).  Don't fucking tell me what not to wear!  Then they make her throw out her current clothes (which are her husbands mind you) and then they assemble a wardrobe for her to keep in mind when she is spending.  Note: her husband probably signed her up on this show because after she had their kids, they couldn't afford clothes, so she started wearing his and like dude just wants his clothes back and maybe a hot wife at the same time.

So they show her the outfits they think would look good on her....and OMG they were the ugliest things in the world.  Even the girl was like "I wouldn't be caught dead in that!"  The girl had made it clear she wasn't a skirt person, but she could do dress pants.  But most of the outfits had skirts.  Also the materials they picked out...I wouldn't use for a couch let alone walk around in them.  The girl was like disgusted.

So the next day, the girl goes shopping for clothes.  She really did ok for herself.  She did great.  Granted, the girl wasn't used to shopping for girly clothes, but after a while, the shopping factor in her kicked in and she did ok.  Hey I know exactly what she was thinking.  Even though the studio gave her $5000 to spend, as a mother and a wife...how can you justify buying a $50 shirt or $120 pair of pants?  I'm sure too she would look around and think "O that would look good on my daughter, or that would look good on my son."  I know what it's like.

But then Stacey and Clinton reenter to show her how to spend her money.  Help me shop?  Get the fuck away from me.  No Stacey I don't like that...bite me!!!  They speed up her shopping spree by getting up in her hair throwing clothes at her and just being in the way...basically taking over...

So speaking of hair.  This girl has nice one length hair...they take her to a hair stylist...and CHOP IT OFF...I have to say right now...if someone didn't like my one length long hair...and actually some people don't...I'd ignore them and kill them if they came up to me with a pair of scissors.  I have straight hair just like this girl and if they said they wanted to 'touch it up', they'd dye.  I just didnt' understand why people get so scissor happy.  For crying out loud, show her how to style her long her.  Teacher her to braid...what's wrong with a good old fashion braid...not that I can do one...

So then the makeup artist shows her how to do her make up which was cool cause the participant really didn't know how.  I mean she looked great in the end...but the frustration and pains in the asses I don't think were worth the effort.  I'm sure in the end the girl though I got free clothes and a hair cut out of the deal.  And in the end...maybe that does make it worth it...but I'd still have to kill them all...