Alex turns Thirteen


Ok I was gonna post this essay i wrote about the day Alex was born, cause like every kid wants to know about the day they were born...well maybe Alex doesn't want to know cause he was like sick...but I wanted him to read what I wrote when I was 16 (on his one year birthday) about the day he was born...but I'm a loser and I left my book of writings at home in's another idea...


Things I remember about Alex...


The first lullaby I ever sang to Alex was the song "I Adore, Mi Amour"

Alex took his first steps while I was watching him in September/October.

Alex rolled over for the first time when he was three months and my step mother was watching him with me while he was laying in the crib.

Alex used to call me Sissy cause Jessi was too hard to say.

When Alex was little he used to cry whenever me or my stepmother would go to leave the house.  That was the ages of 2-4.  So after 4, in order to keep him from crying, he would would interrogate us before we left the house "Where are you going?" "When will you be back?"  And he would let us know if we didn't get back when we say we would.

Alex used to be obsessed with watches and receipts (and anything with a switch or button on it).

My grandfather used to call him "The Switch" because of the above.

My pop-pop used to call Alex 'Sandy' which is a nickname for Alexander.

I carried Alex everywhere around the house.  I carried him until he was six and I couldn't carry him anymore.

The first toy I ever got Alex was a little whale I got from Sea World 6 months before he was born.

I got Alex his first lunchbox from a Tupperware party that is he never used and is now a sewing

Alex has stolen a multitude of things from me over the years...Green day and Better than Ezra CDs, Mr. Tubby (my teddy bear), tapes, and games.  but i just replaced the things...except mr. Tubby...i got that back ;).


that's thirteen things...that's it for now...i will post that essay when I get my hands on it.