Ok, so I'm reading this 'Facts about Wine" Page a day calendar that my stepmother gave my husband for Christmas.  Now this is a cool calendar and all but check this out:

Chiles and Wine

    All things considered, jalapenos are not wine's best friend.  Habaneros?  Hopeless.  In fact, chiles in general tend to upstage, if not trample, most wines.  One exception:  fresh, fruity wines that have just enough sweetness to give the chile's heat something to dance with.  There's another factor to consider--your wallet.  Springing for an expensive wine to serve with enchiladas seems pretty dumb.  So what wines are fruity, a tad sweet, and a steal?  California semidry rieslings.  Take J. Lohr Riesling (about $8) -- it will tango with any taco.


Did any of you get what is messed up about this?  There is actually someone out there in this world that drinks wine with the Taco Bell.  I'm more of a Coca-cola classic or water with lemon kind of chick.  (waiters hate me for this reason).  I mean come on...wine is for elegant dinners consisting of steak, or chicken, or anythingelse for that manner...not tacos and enchiladas.  I don't care if it's from Chef Pepe's resaturante de Ricos...I just can't visualize it.

    It makes me think of that George Carlin bit where he debates which wine goes good with a breakfast cereal.  After a while, he says, "Screw it, smoke a bong full of fruit loops, go upstairs and watch the mid-morning movie.  Call your boss tell him you smoked a bong full of fruit loops and you're watching the mid-morning movie.  You'll be in by 2 o'clock...if you feel like it."