Surmanland T.V. show ideas...(or what Jess does when she's trying to avoid doing homework)


Surmanland scenes and ideas:
Scene 1 (includes Great, Bobo the cowboy, Teresa, Mike Clawson, Jay wills (a mixture of my friend Jay and will...remember him?)
Takes place in the Stupid Center at I mean student center.
Bobo the cowboy enters with no shirt on, blue jeans, a black bow tie, cowboy boots and a cowboy hat.  No one seems to notice him as he strides over to Surman, Jay and Mike's table.
"Excuse me, Somebody order a massuse [spell]."
[insert porn music here]
"Hell no dude!" exclaims Mike.
"Oh wait." interrupts Surman.  Jay and Mike look at him horrified.
"I tink Teresa at that table over there did." Greg finishes as Jay and Mike sigh with relief.
Bobo tips his hat and says thanks.  he heads over towards Teresa...Gret and the guys resume their conversation.
Later a lesbian with a tool belt on comes in.  [insert porn music here].  She walks up to the table and before she can speak, Mike cuts her off.
"you're looking for me honey, follow me."  They leave.
Other show ideas:
Aerodynamics of the Starship enterprise
Paperboard cutouts of Mel Tourme haunt the halls of OCC
The Potato salad in Greg's fridge sings opera to him.
one day Greg opens the fridge and his food is singing "The Devil went down to Georgia"
Greg's car (*Grendel) gets pulled over by a cop car, or chinese cop on bike, or a cop driving a dunkin donuts tractor trailer, cop ice cream man...etc.
The boys go to a strip joint in Tuckerton (STARRING Ross!!)
Jess's big fat jersey drunken fools wedding.
George Graduates from college (4 hour episode showcasing his college career)
George graduates law school. 
George takes the bar the first time.
Jess breaks up with Noel and he sends her a return receipt email asking why (to explain in detail) she is breaking up with him.
George takes the bar a second time.
The girls find solace in rolling down a big hill next to the school (girls being Jackie, Teresa, and Jess)
Rose throws a fuckerware party, complete with clothespins...(ends with Greg in the fetal position).
George takes the bar for the third time
Greg gets a singing deat threat telegram from the Christain coalition.
At insight, Rose and Jess are paut in the same bunker as the CKI retards (guest star Dave Manfre and his smelly friend Chris) while Jackie is bunked with the CKI hotties.
Rose makes Greg play his John Wayne bobbit moive which scares jess into celibacy.
Dennis starts his own business
George takes the bar a fourth time (stars JFK Jr. who tells George he's even a bigger loser than him and decides to name a magazine after him)


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