Our Animals!

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Our Animals!

We Love animals, and we love taking pictures of our pets!  In our house there are two dogs, five cats, four ferrets, a bunny, and a fresh water tropical aquarium (and Kevin is sometimes considered an animal too).

July 5th 2003 - Our dear friend Sherlock passed away.  Click here to see the special memorial page we built for him.

December 19, 2004 - We move some of the fuzzies to the 'friends section'.  

May, 2005 - Our ferret Ty passes away.  Here is his memorial page.

New Section! Learn Everyone's story here.

The Canine Americans!

(Thats what they like to be called)

Signal Luz! 

(Dude, mom, you look drunk!)



The Kitties

Tish (party all night baby!!)



Shanti Sable Nike

Mystic (Poppy) relaxing with Kevin.

Sterling Gunner (falalala, I hate the girl)

    The Carpet Sharks...(aka ferrets) 


Tightey Whitey (aka Ty)

In the left picture he's with his sister Nilla (on the left).  Reunited!!  Right picture "There's ma' main man!"




Introduction our new boys: Deuce Dook and Tiki Byrd!


Deuce playing with his favorite toy...a dog ball..


Tiki Being cute.


Da Bunny!

Flopsey Peter Boogie when we found him-

and now grown up in his posh little home!


Notice there are pictures missing...Kevin and I started a memorial page for our beloved, departed pets...it's not just our pets, but dear friends too...click here...also check out the ferty pages...dedicated the antics of our ferrets.