Here is a collection of poems I have written thru the years.  I'm not putting them in any particular order...just check 'em out...of course I put everyone's favorite "The Castle of Lightening and Thunder" on first...I have no idea why people liked it so much, but they did...some of you may have read it in high school in the Shard magazine.  I'm archiving it here because not everyone has access to the Shard...and to those that threw theirs away because they thought it was a bunch of literary crap..."Screw you...the Shard had some awesome people participate...not including me!!"  I wanted to put the picture that went with the poem, but hell...the kid that drew it, I have no clue where he is and I don't wanna deal with copyright crap...enjoy!

3/2/03 - Just to let you all know.  The poems I post on here are poems are ones that I gotten comments on from people in the past.  That's why they are on here.  Any songs that I may post (and I will let you know when a poem is also a song)...I posted it because I wanted to share it with you.  People have read my poems, but only my husband has heard my songs.


The Castle of Lightening and Thunder (written November 17, 1992)

Silent in the Night (written for Dawn in 1990)

I Could Hold you Forever (written December 2, 1991-for a boy)

My Baby's Lullaby - A song, written August 2001

Sweet, Sweet All Over - 1999, Requested by a mother of a sick child

I'll Fly Away (April, 1998)