The Castle of Lightening and Thunder


The wizard that can do it all lives at the Castle of Lightening and Thunder.

It is by the graveyard, and is filled with mystery and wonder.

The wizard has dark, sullen eyes, but is very wise.

He can heal, perform, and hypnotize.

If you are in need of help and in a blunder,

you must go to the castle of lightening and thunder.

For the wizard never leaves his dark little home.

People travel by foot, far and wide, to see him, alone.

They travel through the sun, hot and bright.

When you reach the wizard, he'll heal you of your pain and hunger.

But first you must prove to him that you can make it to the castle of lightening and thunder.


(c) 1992 JJLlimited (which means if you use this without my permission and I find out...I'll sue your ass...if you wanna use it, just ask...I'll most likely say yes...)