I Could Hold You Forever


The look on your face is one that I have never seen before.  I could look at you forever.  When it is time for us to part, I wish I could stop time just so I could hold you close to me longer.  I miss you when you are not there to hold my hand.  Looking into your light brown eyes gives me all the pleasure I need, and want.  I could talk to you about anything at all.  I could use your shoulder to lean on.  I could hold you for no reason at all.  I could hold you forever.


-gee..I wonder who I wrote this for Dec 2, 1991...

-*wince* guess I better write a poem for my husband huh?  Hey!! my vows kicked ass!!


(c) 1991 JJLlimited (which means if you use this without my permission and I find out...I'll sue your ass...if you wanna use it, just ask...I'll most likely say yes...)