Jessica's vows to Kevin:

Kevin, here we are, this is the moment we have been dreaming of since you proposed to me.  I canít believe itís here.  On this day I want to begin a lasting relationship that will withstand the weather throughout the years. I commit my life to our partnership in marriage. I promise to express my thoughts and emotions to you, to speak openly and honestly, to listen to you, and to maintain the respect and trust that has grown between us. I promise from this day on to keep our relationship first above all others.  You are my lover, my best friend, my biggest supporter, my right hand man, and my knight in shining armor. I will love you, hold you, and honor you, respect you, encourage you, and cherish you.  When you are sad, I will try my best to cheer you up.  When you are sick, I will nurse you to health again.  When you think you cannot accomplish the goals you want, I will remind you that you can do anything you set your mind to.  I will love you in health and in sickness, through sorrow and success, through good times in bad.  I will love you for all the days of my life and even after.


Kevin's vows to Jessica:

Jessica, today I pledge my everlasting love and devotion to you.  You are my cherished friend, life companion, and respected lover.  I promise to honor you and stand by you throughout life, support you in all your endeavors, comfort you in times of sadness, and celebrate with you in times of joy.  I promise to work with you to build a life together and share an ever-deepening Love. With these friends and family as witnesses, I commit myself to you as your Husband.