War N' Stuff

So...early warning grades have been sent...and we are at war again...two things that go hand in hand huh?

Well the University of Maryland is hopping with protests and demonstrations.  Of course I don't bring a camera to school with me so I can't document all these events going on as they happen, but I can watch.  It's pretty interesting to watch.  Students passing by will shout "You can't stop the war".  This usually frustrates the demonstrators and makes them shout louder "Hey Maryland can't you hear?  Where are the values you hold dear?"  Hey...maybe eventually Bush will start listening...I doubt it...this war was etched in stone before anyone had time to disagree with it.

But forget my opinion.  I've decided for lent that I am going to study more.  Not that I don't study...but with spring fever and exam burn out...I've basically taken this week off.  Next week I plan to read, read, and clean...Kevin can kiss his old T-shirts goodbye...but then again, unless he reads this, he won't even know they are gone..."Goodbye yellow Jelly Belly T-shirt". I may be benevolent and leave his Erasure T-shirt...depends on if he's a good boy :(.

But my vacation won't be all work and no play.  I'm going to my friend Mary's bridal shower on Sunday in NJ.  I'll be staying there for a few days to spend time with my dear momma.  Then Kevin and I are off to West Virhenia for a weekend at a nice resort...for cheap.  Denny and Jaqui gave us the idea and we are joining them.  I can't wait.  After Hexagon, mid-terms, and Kevin working on his proposal, it's been nuts.  Time for some quite R&R and regrouping.

In honor of the war, my Sims have decided to fly an American flag in front of their houses until it's all over....I name Sims after people I know...don't get offended...I just sometimes run out of creative inspiration...what better to use my friends and family?? Hey...my grandmother is immortalized in this game...She's Mrs. Figueroa...she's the welcoming committee of her neighborhood and she likes to gossip...go figure...

That's all for me!! See you all on the flip side!