Ultrasounds (Airplane's first pictures)


6 weeks into our pregnancy, we got to see our little 'airplane' for the first time...It looks like a grain of rice...and was about the same size.  However, the heartbeat was unmistakable.  Also, I believe we could see one eye.  I wasn't sure.  Kevin ooh'd and ahh'd...I thought 'that's it?'  Later, I lamented and felt as if I dissed my baby and got weepy.  I made up for it, but making sure I talked to the little airplane every night and gave it a reiki fix before bed.

Airplane Uleck at 9 weeks.  We were so excited to see this picture because now airplane finally looked like a baby...not a grain of rice.  Also, the airplane was moving around too.  It was so cool to see.


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