Jessi's Sunflowers in Bealeton


This year I planted sunflowers in certain garden beds in my yard.  I put some seeds in the main bed by the fence, then quite a few along the back of the house, and then some on the side of the house.  Only 1 sunflower came up in the main bed (I think it was too much shade there...probably why the woman before me only had one in the bed last year).  The side of the house none came up (hmmm)...but the back of the house...methinks that will be the permanent sunflower garden.  I planted three kinds of sunflowers...yellow, orange, and a color called velvet queen (red).  The yellow and orange came up, but the velvet queens did not *sniff*.  However, I am still proud of my sunflower garden.


Back of the house (Karen would be so proud of me :)  ).


Another shot of the back of the house.


Sunflower 1.  Look at all those buds still needing to come out!


Sunflower 2.  This is an orange one...Sunflower 1 is yellow (um duh!)


Sunflower 3


Various wildflowers in my garden making a cameo.


Contorted Sunflower...Sunflowers contort their body to get sun.


Happy little sunflowers.


8/11/05, the Beautiful Velvet Queen sunflower appears in the garden.

The only stalk to sprout after dozens of seeds that were planted...

I can tell she's a velvet because you can see the red highlights...just beautiful.

so proud of myself right now.