Signal Luz it all started one day when a realization came over me.  I turned to Kevin and said, "Hey boo, I'm not watching Susan's dogs do you know what that means?" To which Kevin replied, "We can get a puppy!."  The ultimate bribe..."Stop watching your friends dogs...and we can get a puppy..." Worked for me.


So as we pondered where to go, what kind of dog we wanted, Kevin searched the Washington Human Society's webpage for potential pups.  Well we saw Signal's picture and thought she was cute...but our main goal was to go there...and see.  So one Saturday, before the Fourth of July 2001, Kevin and I went to WHS.  What a sad place that was because they had a whole pitbull section.  None of the pitbulls were up for adoption.  They were just being held until their owners came...or the grim reaper...Then another section was 'adoptable' dogs.  I brought the ultimate test with me...I brought a rubber ball of Sherlock's to 'test' the potential dogs.  My theory was the dog that responded to my ball, we OUR dog... was sad to say how many dogs didn't respond to the ball...they were too depressed, or well...just stared at it like "What the hell is that? and what do you expect me to do with it?"  Some dogs there were too old...too big.  Kevin at first wanted this Welsh Corgie...and I was like "Oh hell no, it's not big enough for me."  We saw a very cute young Jack Russell/Beagle mix to which kevin and I both said "Oh hell no...too hyper."  Eventually we reached Signal's cage.  She laid there looking depressed.  We found out later, her brother (who was as cute as a button!) was recently adopted and she was getting used to a new cage mate AND she had been recently returned because the family wanted a cat--whatever.  Kevin cooed at how cute she was.  I was skeptical.  i looked at the label: Signal, 6 months, medium sized dog.  Medium is this 'medium' sized dog gonna protect 'mom'?  Well I decided to give her the rubber ball test anyway.  I bounced it once in front of her...and those ears just perked up...perked up in a way that just melts your heart.  Kevin started screaming...that's MY dog! I WANT THAT dog!! 


The lady at the shelter took Signal out of her pen to bring her outside.  Instantly the other dogs started baiting her saying stuff like "No fair bitch!  Where you think you're going?"  We got outside and Signal just ran all over the she had never been outside before...maybe she hadn't.  Anyway, we run up to Kevin and kind of hugged him as he knelt down to her.  "She's just like Boomer!" Kevin said excited...(his friend Denny's dog).  I thought she was cute and we both agreed to put in an application for her.  I tried not to get too excited of nabbing the first dog we put in for...a puppy no less.  However, we just couldn't help it...dreaming of cute little blonde Signal.  Her info said she was a retriever/terrier mix.  And we kept saying "Yeah we see the retriever...sure". 


Well, sadly, two days later, on the Fourth of July, the shelter called to apologize because Signal had been adopted.  We were crushed.  I moped in the pool all day.  Even my housemate Karen thought it was unfair.  She wanted the pitter patter of puppy feet in the house too (was practically a requirement for me to move in).  We shook it off and thought, we'll try again the next weekend.   HOWEVER...two days later, the shelter called me at work.  "Miss Mizenko (I wasn't married yet) we were wondering if you are still interested in 21 red (her tag number)?"  I so was...I called Kevin to give him the good news.  We scheduled a house meeting for Saturday.  The woman from the shelter came by, gave us her stamp of approval and off we were in our car to go pick up Signal. 


I was so excited at the shelter because finally i was gonna have a dog again.  After losing my dog Gypsy in 8th grade and my cat Billy Jean in 6th grade... I was so happy to be a pet owner again.  I saw them bring Signal up and I just started to cry...of course she killed the moment by running to another couple...but once we got her straight on who she was going home with, we were fine.


Signal sat on my lap the whole ride home.  she was so little then.  Half the size she is's hard to imagine she was so small.  We bonded on that small car ride and the next few days...another thing that's hard to imagine is that Signal didn't bark when we first brought her home...that last for about...1 week...then that wonderful shrilly bark we loved settled in just fine.  Turns out after Signal's hair grew in...Kevin realized she was ALOT like Denny's dog Boomer and after reading up on some information, Kevin and I have decied that Signal is a Border Collie/Retriever mix.  The Retriever has to be responsible for her beautiful coloring.  Signal was her pound name, and not wanting to confuse her and because we liked the name, we kept it.  However, she needed a middle name (all pets too).  I decided to be 'cute' and give her the middle name 'Luz' which means light in Signal's full name is Signal Luz (or Signal Light).  loll...we're such cornballs....


Famous first picture (was once on Kevin's madog website).  See Kevin she used to have a black nose!!  She wore it away digging  I swear!

I used to be able to pick Signal up! Now's she's a fat tub-a-lard...well then again, so am I..I can't even wear those shorts anymore!

Baby and the mommy.  OMG look how whittle she was...and how little fur she had...


Baby and the Daddy.  Oh so whittle!  Signal's first and one of few swims...we gave up after year two...Can someone please tell our Border Collie that Borders love to swim...frou frou dog...This is where Signal's alter ego Siggue! emerged.  Siggue! does not like to swim!  Siggue does not go out in ze rain to pee!

Siggy says: Mom's got a good thing going with all these pillows around...nice and comfy...



Signal's Stats

Born: January 9, 2001

Adopted into the Uleck family: July 7, 2001

Border Collie/Retriver mix (we're denying the terrier)

Colors: Blonde baby (or cream/cream)

Favorite food: whatever mom's eating

Favorite Toy: Dimsdale the hedgehog or the five prong thing for PetSmart

Best friend: Her 'boyfriend' Zip Fortunat

Likes: Digging auntie Karen's and Mom's garden after they've planted, going rollerblading with Dad, Chasing Sterling cause he's a fat ass..., snuggling with mom and dad, waking dad up so she can get his pillow, chewsies, and milkbones.

Dislikes: going pee in the rain, being along all day, having to raid the pantry when mom leaves her alone too long, people that don't like dogs, and vet visits.