Rootbeer D. Mizenko


Rootbeer Diet ( formerly known as Rupert) was born on August 25, 1999. He was shuffled between owners until he came to the house before ours. There, he was chained to a tree or caged all day. The owners even let him out their back door hoping to never see him again. Unfortunately for them, he returned two days later. they soon looked for prospective owners. We found out about the dog from a family friend. We went to see him, not expecting to take him home. But, after learning that he was going to be "put to sleep" in a week without our help we took him. In Addition, we thought he was so cute.

   So, we took him to his posh new home. For an hour after he arrived at our home, he chased our other dog Snickers across the backyard. He has grown up from the little, SKINNY puppy we brought home. Now, he is a big, fat dog. He always gets a bite out of every cake! (Unintentionally, of course!) 


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Rootbeer loves his brother Snickers


He also loves getting presents!