Labor and Delivery--Part II


So anyway, post epidural, Kevin became fascinated with me.  Apparently, I would fall asleep between contractions and every three minutes I would get up, breath through a contraction, then fall back asleep.  He was amazed I could sleep after that.  In a way, I was too, but you have to consider how doped up I was by then.  So I'm drugged, my mom calls to see how I'm doing...obviously great...well actually not.  I was in no mood to talk so I was like "I'm fine...contraction coming, gotta go...".  After that...everything was in a haze to me.  I remember laying around, just sleeping, breathing, waiting...


Two hours passed, and my doctor came in to check my dilation.  I was 7-8 centimeters, however she was concerned.  "the baby's not dropping, and instead of being 100% thinned out like you were (cervix talk), you are thickening."  This to her signaled that vaginal birth may not be happening.  She decided to give me another hour (which turned out to be two) and see if I would dilate more or if the urge to push would happen to me.  Well like I said, two hours passed, my doctor came back to check me out.  I was at the point of just rolling over and letting her do her thing (I so lost my pride and will to care).  She checked me out then gave me one look and I just knew.  "You have to take the baby don't you?" "yeah" she said unhappily.  "I don't care, whatever you have to do, I'm done." And I was done.  I wanted Tori out one way or the other.  Didn't matter to me.  I just wanted her to be safe and healthy. 

During my epidural haze, I had noticed my legs started to feel heavier and heavier.  It got to a point to where if I wanted to move around I had to physically move my legs, they were becoming like lead, and I was started to feel like the Pillsbury dough boy.  I guess the epidural was building up in me.  It was almost fascinating. 

They started to prep me for the OR.  Kevin cracked some kind of joke, I don't even remember it at this point, but I said to him "You know I'm not even at the point of labor where you're jokes are annoying, consider yourself lucky".  The nurses just laughed.  We had time for some quick pictures and before I knew it (who am I kidding it felt like FOREVER until they took me to the OR but it was only 20 minutes) we were heading to the OR.

"drugs are good mmmkay?'

Even in delivery we are taking self portraits...