Important Tori Dates


March 31st - I feel the baby kick for the first time at 9:50 am...while on our cruise.

We heard the heartbeat on April 16th-150-160 range fast!

April 19th - I feel the squirmies (baby rolling around) for the first time while in the shower

We find out the sex after Memorial Day! --IT'S A GIRL!! 

June 1st - Tori weighs in at a guestimate of 1lb.

June 4th - Actually SEE Tori kick for the first surreal.

June 30th - Get our first gift off our registry from my friend Eddie Bauer seat cover...Thanks Polarhound.

July 8th - Actually SEE Tori rolling around.

July 13th - Tori tickles me as she moves around...

August 2nd - 4th doesn't see the water on the brain (yeah)...but she does see...

-Tori's BIG feet.

-Her BIG head (8cm...OUCH!)

-Her 'cha-cha' (she's still a girl).

-LOTS of hair.

-Her eyelids.

-Weight guestimate 3 lbs 3 oz. (near tripled since the last sonogram!!!)

-Finally, says she has a very cute face.

*Mom note...ever see that episode of 'Friends' where Rachel can't see her baby on the sonogram?  Yeah...that's about how I felt...Kevin the ultrasonographer saw all this cool stuff...and i couldn't see a thing...well I guess I get to feel her inside me...

August 6th - Realize that Tori has the hiccups...she gets them about twice a day for 10-20 minutes.

August 11th - Tori manages to kick mom's ribs for the first time.

August 15th - To date, Jessica has gained 17lbs...yeah I know, I'm a bitch...