The Cats

After three years of waiting... there is finally

a space for the cats.

Shanti 'Sable' Nike                                                

That's it, I'm moving!

Birthday: July 15, 2002

Breed: Stray

Color: grey (silver grey)

Likes: catching mice, Friskies Prime Filets, and snuggling with dad.

Dislikes: Mystic, loud noises, being left home alone.


           Sterling Gunner


Oh love me! Please love me!!

Birthday: September 9, 1996

Breed: Stray (of the stupid order)

Color: grey

Weight: Large...extra extra large

Likes: pettings!!! Love!!! Affection!!!

Dislikes: water of any sort, being left home alone (I'll throw up), animals smaller then me (they are scary)


Mystic Lundell (aka Poppy)


Birthday: October 16, 1988

Breed: Stray

Color: grey with white socks

Likes: ripping mice apart, catnip, food, getting his way

Dislikes: any other animal, getting his ears cleaned, waiting for food.


Fuzzy friend Corky doesn't like getting his picture taken


Construction Will Be Completed by August 1st. (adding bios, group shots (if ever possible) and..well I don't know what else...oh and vital stats...

Last Updated: June 9, 2005