Baby Boom!!

It appears this year has been a year for a baby boom...look below to see who has entered this world and when...


It all started with...

Colin, born to: Glenys and Arlen, December 2004

Zoe and Trevor, born to: Helen and Doug, March 2005

Braden, born to: Tonya and Michael, May 2005

Dominic, born to Christie and P.J., July 2005

Christabel, born to: Heather and David, July 24, 2005

James, born to: Jaqui and Denny, August 6, 2005

 Andrew, born to: Dori an Jeremy, October 6, 2005

Victoria, born to: Jessica and Kevin (like a duh!!!), October 14, 2005

Molly, born to: Tina and David, November 2005

Daniel, born to: Mary Ellen and Jimmy, November 2005

William, born to: Amanda and Jeff, November 2005

Amber, born to: Tiffanie and Joshua, January 2, 2006

Mallory, born to: Sarah and Robert, February 1, 2006

Jaydon, born to: Sandy and Nick, February 10, 2006

Sean, born to: Lori and Tony, April 1, 2006

Joseph, born to Jackie and Andy, April 28, 2006

Ryan, born to Ildy and Page, May 2006 


Still to come...

Baby Boy Diaz, due 2006 to Kim and Frank

Baby Zacher due 2006 to Kat and Kenny


So far that is 20 babies!!! And there may be more to come!!! WHOAH!!

This will go on until December 2006...I'm considering that the end of the 'Baby Boom'...after that will start a whole new cycle...