I'll Fly Away

Forget the future,

Forget the past,

Just try and make this moment last.

Someday soon I will be gone,

and you, my love, must carry on.

And when the night turns into day

I'll Fly Away, I'll Fly away


I've traveled far, I've traveled wide

Right here and now, you're by my side

But my live, I have no time

So remember once that you were mine

but for good, I cannot stay

I need to fly away, to fly away


But in your eyes

I've seen a paradise

that's helped to melt the ice

of lovers gone

of family lost

of broken homes

of friendship lost

of lonely nights

of sad goodbyes

of big let downs

of heartfelt cries

So many people gone

They could not stay

They flew away, they flew away


My angel love you brought me light

 and gave me love by candlelight

I hope that you can there's someone else I need to be


I'll visit Paris

I'll visit Rome

I'll visit God's great under dome

I know there's so much more to see

that's why you must let go of me


Cause like the starts that shine

True love will never die

And when the night turns in to day

I'll fly away